Jody Aloysius Crackstar (ericpoptone) wrote in rock_n_roll,
Jody Aloysius Crackstar


Cambodia Town. Aside from everywhere being named Angkor Insurance or Phnom Market, it would be easy to miss. Architecturally, it looks like Main St. USA 1965. We saw about four restaurants that were open (well, it was Monday and they're still Asians) so we chose one fairly randomly. I don't remember what it was called, it may've just been written in Khmer. The menu was 80% Chinese so I don't really know what Cambodian cuisine is. From what I could tell, fish soup is a local favorite. I could imagine the ambiance being a improved by a crowd (and not having to blow a dead fly off the table before sitting down). They showed music videos- one song I rather liked.
Anyway, after the bill was settled, we went to the Red Room which was very Iowa to me. It was pointed out that Long Beach's nickname is "Iowa By the Sea" and if they'd like to change that perception, playing whiny/naggy "real™ hip-hop" in a bar full of pasty, bundled, studenty types should be identified as a problem area.
Then we went to the Prospector which just sounds gay but apparently isn't. They were watching the Jeffersons and I'll describe it as a basement bar. You know, low pile carpet, no windows, cheap lighting and paneled walls. We only hung out for a bit before heading back.
25 minute drive for those intimidated by great distances. Nice to get out and about, despite the destinations being somewhat underwhelming.
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