Jody Aloysius Crackstar (ericpoptone) wrote in rock_n_roll,
Jody Aloysius Crackstar

Anniversary of Cerro de Pasco

What do you guys think?

Opium Pub
17365 Gale Ave
City Of Industry, CA 91748-1531

(someone's review, not mine)

Where else can you go to relax after work for $25 all you can drink? The waitresses there are extremely friendly and treats you like a friend, not just a customer. Kareoke is on from 9-12am..then it's HiP HoP until closing. This GreaT place is opened from 9:00pm to 2:00am 7 days a week and serves cocktails, beer, and tequila for $25 all you can drink!! They also have bottle service too!i love the atmosphere! everyone is so friendly and its just a nice place to relax. Monday thru Wednesdays are more relaxed and Thursday thru Saturdays are usually a FULL HOUSE! This is a place i would deffinately recommend for people to either come and relax or to party till the break of dawn!!!!!!!!!
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