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Jody Aloysius Crackstar

Rock & Roll Monday, St. Nicholas Day Eve!

Hey RNRMers. The invitation has come in. Here's the message from Emily
hey everyone,

megan is having people over tonight for boardgames/mixers/chippers and starts as early as 8 pm...and everyone should just park in
the driveway or carpool or walk!!!

you know, parking in kenmore tropics is a P-R-O-B-L-E-M!

141 s. kenmore at kenmore and 2nd
brown stucco, first floor.

she'll also hook up the nintendo for people who want to play "mighty
bomb jack."
So maybe people can grab a bite somewhere and then head over to their place for board games and deserts. Emily is moving on the 20th.

Afterward St. Nicholas will ride his deer across the rooftops with his Black Peters and some of his frightening companions:

Père Fouettard the reformed child-murderer whose victims were brought back to life by St. Nicholas. No one really knows what he looks like but here is a child's drawing:

Knecht Ruprecht who limps (from a farming accident) and carries a bag of lamb legs. The children perform tricks for St. Nicholas and his helpers. If Ruprecht doesn't like you, he might beat you, throw you in a sack and take you back to the Black Forest.

There are also the Krampusse, demons who sled and roam the streets whipping children that get in their way with chains. Here's a prcoession in Klagenfurt

"Do you have the Sack with you?"
I spoke: "the Sack, that is here;
because apples, nut and almond core
eat pious children gladly."
"Do you have the rod also with you?"
I spoke: "the rod, it is here;
but for the children, only the bad,
those it meets them right, upon their part."
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