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Orion's Birthday/UN Day/Labour Day(NZ)


In typical me fashion, here is the thing to do

My Birthday is on Thurs. 10/27, but lovely Sarah is
taking me to an undisclosed location (no Cheney!), so
I'm celebrating my date of birth early! Hope you'll
join the usual Rok-N-Roll Monday crew (BDC!!) plus a
few new ones for food and, well it wouldn't be a
birthday for me without bowling!

Because many places in Eagle Rock (and elsewhere) are
closed on Mondays, we are thankful that the Blue Hen
in Eagle Rock is not! (it's organic vietnamese! Try
something new - Monday night tradition!)

Please get here no later than 8:00pmish (they close @

- see link here for directions etc...

Then onto All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock for Bowling!

This will be @ 9:00ish (probably 9:30 realistically),
it's $14.50/hr/lane (4 people/lane) with $3.00 shoes.
A full bar also awaits along w/ ample parking (there's
a second lot around back!)

All Star lanes here-

So ...

Blue Hen Food - 8:00pm

All Star Lanes Bowling - 9:30pm

End up...Short Stop? A gutter (Lars...)?

Who knows? Come on! You know you want to!

Hope you can make it! Love to see you!
Rok on!


Orion Meyer
AIM: orion90046
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